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Hello, visitor! Welcome to the Uncovering Ghosts Wiki. Here, you'll find pages about ghost, ghost locations, ghosts puzzels, and more! Edit nicely please, as we prohibit vandalism. Try to edit as much as possible, and tell all your ghost liking friends to take a look at this wiki! We need more editors, edits, pages, categories, users, and templates. Be sure to ask some of the major editors, such as Admin  questions about editing. Do not spam pages, as they will be deleted.

Anyway, welcome to the Uncovering Ghosts Wiki, it is our pleasure to have you here!

What are Ghosts?

The Ghosts, officially known as Task Force: STALKER, are a friendly Royal Marines Force that appear in The Downfall of The USSR and have ever since been said that they cause the USSR to crumble, they also have been said that they are still operational to this day, however they say that there also a gun manufacture for the U.K. Military. They are a comprised U.K. Special Operations Forces & Black Operations Forces.

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Ghosts PuzzlesEdit

Puzzles have not been uploaded to this Wikia yet.

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